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Fresh take on Self Improvement!

Love this fresh take on Self Improvement! Keep up the Good work!

Superb show!


Big size advice - despite the name

Lala Luzious offers an entertaining podcast filled with humor, insight and guidance. It's a fun addition to my listening routine.

I love Lala

Lalas podcast is amazing! Love the content

So inspiring so proud!

Lala touches base on EVERYTHING important! She is reaching so many lives in such a great way! Way to go!! I am so incredibly proud of what she’s doing and I’m so great full to be friends with such a confident beautiful person!! Cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

Awesomely entertaining!

I love Lala’s positive, good vibe energy! And some solid advice too! Definitely a snack here. You go queen!

So good

She's very professional, has a wonderful upbeat speaking voice, and is very relatable. The episodes are not very long, stay on topic, and reflect the times. I look forward to the new upcoming episodes.


The interviews are loaded with diverse perspectives and inspiring stories. The self help episode on charisma was really useful and I plan on using some of her tips to improve my own charisma skills.

Love it!

This is a great prodcast with high production value. The host, Lala provides a positive, enjoyable listening experience with thoughtful topics and interesting guests.

Amazing poc entertainer

She is amazing give her listen take some you time to deep think

Snack Size The Podcast

Interesting show Lala.


Snack Size is the whole kiki!

Yay for Lala!

Such a fun podcast that focuses on self improvement! The hosts voice is so energetic. I really loved the vibe and also the topics discussed, particularly the mental health topics.

Wonderful Podcast

I really enjoy this! Lala is great!


What I love about this podcast is that Lala is truly living her most fabulous life. Great show

Speaks the truth

Lala’s voice is both jovial and poignant as she speaks her truth. I love this podcast’s flavor and honestly. A snack for all to enjoy!

Insightful and Entertaining

This Podcast has made me learn to not settle for the rest but excel to be the best!! Lala is a great storyteller and is always an encouraging host to all of her guests. Liz Jane 27 Rhode Island

LaLa is everything

Like...she keeps it 100% I love listening to her advice

Amazing Entertainment

It’s nice to have a podcast to listen to that isn’t afraid to be different and leaves you thinking.

Great job

You’re killing it, proud of you

Table talk

Keep up the hard work!!!

Some Nobodies ARE definitely Snacks now!

This is perfect podcast for any person. It’s fun, digestible and entertaining. Only setting within 10 minutes makes every episode just waiting to be consumed. Perfect voice, great and RELEVANT content. Great Job. Listen to our brief review on ep 4 of the Podcast Podcast: a podcast show.

Amazing show!

I love this show its very inspiring to know that there is other people out there willing to tell their story. This podcast is very helpful and fun at the same time. Thank you for being so amazing and helpful! I can’t wait to hear what’s next… PW


She good... just go ahead and listen you gonna get a snack and some.

What an inspiration! Bite-sized brilliance! 🍫

Listened to episode “The Fear of Living”. Love the intro music and inspiration! I believe in myself from the start and want to achieve my dreams in fabulous fashion. The many “snacks” play on words is a lovely touch. I do agree that, to be successful, we must push past our fears. We must move forward in spite of the judgement of others. You are fearlessly doing just that with this podcast. This topic is so relatable. We stop ourselves from pursuing our dreams due to fearing rejection and failure. But these things are just steppingstones to success. My favorite quote from this episode is “You should fear never beginning to live”. We never know what opportunities may lie just around the corner. I completely agree that vulnerability is a strength and one that must be applauded. Thank you for reminding me to be mindful of my thoughts, feelings and actions. I did the snack exercise and pretended that I was a Twix. Not getting picked doesn’t feel good at times but patience is the key. This podcast is so awesome! Thank you for sharing your truth and shining your light! Recommend this to anyone who enjoys short and sweet content with wonderful life advice. See you later snack! 🍫

Love it!

Snack Size is such a great show, so funny and uplifting! Lala is the best host with awesome questions that make the show intriguing and draws the listener in. I love that Lala covers the topic of the pressures of societal expectations and the idea of living a happy and fulfilling life. If you're not listening to this podcast, you should be!

I love this podcast

Lala manages to be both funny and inspiring. I really look forward to each week’s episode.


This podcast is fabulous, I love Lala’s energy!

Love this

Stumbled upon this looking for RuPauls Drag Race podcasts and found a treasure! I love that the host gives real advice in the fun framework of the mind of a drag queen! This is a really fun show to listen to,

Eat this up honey!

Honestly, I couldn’t stop listening! They are a good length to listen to so you don’t feel like it is a huge commitment and it is fun and insightful. Can’t wait for more!