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Feb. 14, 2022

Buy my book "A Loitering Heart" today!

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Most of us will have been in love and experienced that thrilling moment of another’s touch, the words that make you feel like you’re the only person in world or the anticipation of a meeting. It follows, therefore, that at some point in our lives, almost all who have loved have also lost and so experienced the searing pain of heartbreak.

Love and heartbreak are like two sides of the same coin and in this book, A Loitering Heart, Lala Luzious examines them in all their guises, with a selection of poetry that will touch the heart like nothing else can.

From the first stirring of love in "Fruit Roll-Up", to the lovelorn agonies of "Our Bridge", each verse is a unique and in-depth look into our very souls and provides moments of clarity that we have each felt as we have trodden our own paths in search of the love that often eludes us.

Dip in and out as you feel the need, or read it all at once, but no matter how you tackle it A Loitering Heart will more than likely stay with you for much longer than you expect.

The collection is be available in eBook and paperback here.